Our Fans

We have the best clients in the world. We are grateful for a vibrant business built on their referrals.

We had a fantastic experience with Karim and Jessica. As first-home buyers, Karim and Jessica quickly helped us zero in on what we were really looking for, eliminating houses we were just being optimistic about. Their ability to recognize hidden red flags saved us a ton of time (and future heartache!)    Their advice was always thoughtful, never pushy, and highly valued. Although Karim's team skillfully negotiated us into a wonderful house at a great price, we kind of miss spending our weekends with them!

I found the entire process of working together with Karim and Jessica easy, synergistic, exciting and natural. From beginning to end we were partners and I was truly invigorated to sell my beloved home. I could not have imagined a more enjoyable journey and am so very grateful to have worked with two such positive, helpful and supportive people.

Karim and Jessica took extremely good care of me through the entire process of buying my first house. They asked me a lot of questions, they listened, and they had a very authentic desire to find a house that met my needs (and I had a lot!)    I am incredibly thankful that I had two experienced and detail oriented people advocating for me every step of the way.

Their "tag team approach" allowed the benefit of having multiple view points and sounding boards as I went about making one of the biggest decisions of my life.    As an added bonus, Karim's eye for construction was extremely helpful in identifying future projects, potential issues, and considerations I otherwise would not have known.

Karim and Jessica are amazing! I cannot thank them enough for their assistance in the purchase and sale of our investment property    Karim consulted with me over 4 years to help me determine the appropriate time to sell in order to maximize my investment. Jessica made sure that everything was complete and on time, ensuring a smooth closing. I can't imagine buying or selling a house with anyone else.    Karim and Jessica have a seamless operation that makes buying and selling a home easeful!!

After a previous realtor experience, we were amazed at how different and how much better our experience with Karim was. Karim demystified the home-buying process, answering questions we didn’t even know we had, which reduced our anxiety considerably.    We fully trusted that Karim always had our best interest in mind. He advocated for us, offered us sound guidance, respected our decisions while also offering caution when necessary, referred us to other skilled professionals, and ultimately found us a fantastic house.

I was fortunate that a family member referred Karim’s team to be one of five realtors we interviewed for this journey of selling our first home and buying our "dream home." We finally found our dream home, but attached was a difficult seller that Karim handled wonderfully. He took great care of us through our transactions, making our journey a positive experience from beginning to end.

I hired Karim to sell a commercial building I owned on NE Broadway in Portland, Oregon. He worked hard to make the sale viable even with some major challenges along the way. He is honest, works hard for his clients and has their interest at heart.